Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ranipuram, Kasargod for trekking

Its been a while that I challenged my body to something adventurous and eons that I have been for trekking.Hence mission Ranipuram was planned.Little was known about the place that  made it even more interesting..This trip was just before the onset of monsoon .This was planned over better view as Ranipuram is a house for leeches and the trekking trail gets quite slippery during monsoon.We started our journey at 8:00 am .There were some 20 of us  who set out  with full energy..

Our vehicle dropped us at the entrance..We had made prior arrangement for breakfast at a hotel at the foothill..After an energizing breakfast we started our climb up , we had a guide to help us out with the path.Or you might end up lost, recently there were reports of school kids lost in the forest only to return after four days, there were a personnel involved in the rescue operation too ..There are two route one through the heart of the forest with no proper path, just trail, through them sometimes there are only vines  you get to hold for support.But this the fun part..On our way we got to see fresh elephant dung but otherwise we found the trekking trail non frightening..The challenge was quite rewarding at the end of it.As the group had many included from different age group the youngest being 12 years and oldest  58, it was a good mix of adrenaline.On our way we rested on fallen tree, rocks and at the worst even on ground to get over weariness.It took a good 40 minutes to get to the top.Climbing your way uphill you realize the importance of regular exercise..The guide told us that the trek gets adventurous during monsoon..

Though most of the path is through forest once you get to that point its all done..
When you get to this point you just want to get on top of it as early as possible and shed out all the exhaution away.
miles to go
That is the reward- an amazing view from top ..With a good altitude even with a bright sun the breeze was soothing and cool enough to cheer away the fatigue..There is a cave like formation  that could be explored by more adventurous but its bit difficult to venture in so people with less grip kindly stay away..After forty minutes when we were all set we started our descend.

We got to explore some natural spring on our way and finally hot biriyani was awaiting us as we got to the hotel at the foothill..All of us greedily savored in happily we stayed back till 4 pm chatting and discussing the days event , bid good bye with a cup of tea and Jam roll...

You can click here to find out what I wore for the day.

How to reach
By road Ranipuram is 64km from Kasargod or 46 km from Kanhangad.
Nearest railway station is Kanhangad or Kasargod is the major nearest railway station.
Carry min two water bottles for your trip also something to munch after you reach..There is nothing much on top to sit and relaxed so be prepared for that..Its just the magnificent view that is awaiting you on top..
Carry salt if you are planning your travel during monsoon to ward off from leeches.
There are cottages maintained by Kerala tourism development board but it needs advance booking.
There is a hotel on the foothill who serve tasty food if you are opting food..

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  1. nice account..
    iam also an avid adventurist. tomorrow visiting ranipuram.
    can i get number of guide there.
    mail me please


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