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Karpaga vinayagar temple, Pillayarpatti and Sri Shanmughanathar temple Kundrakudi

Tamilnadu is known majorly for its beautiful temple that carries a richness of architectural splendor matched by tradition and culture.I feel lucky to have lived most of life here in the Trichy Tanjore region which is the prime expanse of  beautiful temples.

Karpaka Vinayakar Temple at Pillayarpatti is quiet famous among devotees for its age old rituals and few specialities attached to the presiding diety of Lord Ganesha. I planned to set out to the place as it is just 2hr drive away.On a Sunday I set out to Pillayarpatti which  is a small town untouched by the modernity yet there are facilities enough to keep one going.There are sign boards all around the place that will lead you to the temple.My first site of the temple was with its large pond that offered a dash of cool breeze in the summer especially when the drive itself were quite dry, dusty and hot.

There is no specific area marked for parking and check the space before you part or there is every chance that your vehicle being wheel being punctured.Quite different to the place the temple is elaborate with the old world charm that only a rock cut temple can  offer.

I was quite excited to click all the speciality and that's when I saw the board that read that photography inside temple premises were not allowed, somehow I have a problem clicking when I get to see something like that, sorry about that but I'll try to explain as much as possible without pictures.

Karpaga Vinayaga temple derived its named from the main deity vinayaka aka lord Ganesh. Just like the Karpagavruksham or tree that satisfies every wish.Lord Ganesha the main deity is believed to fulfill every devotee's wish thus being known by this name.The central idol is a huge one just like that of shiva's lingam at Tanjavore Big temple.Unlike the usual idol this Lord Ganesha has only two hands in seen seated with his legs folded without the help of a stool.More interestingly smaller shrines of godess Laxmi, Saraswathi and Durga also found.The place offers too much to peace, the crowd was scanty dark and calm.You can find inscriptions .It is believd that Pallavas built this beautiful rock cut temple.It is also said that the shape of Lord Ganesha's idol itself such that when joined from heard to hand then to trunk to feet it resembles that of Tamil letter "O".There lord shiva lingam also in the same temple making it even interesting place to be in.Another specialty of this temple is that Lord Ganesha is seated facing north hence devotees worshiping would be blessed with all wealth.

How to reach Pillayarpatti
Like I said Pillayarpatti is a small town.The nearest railway station is Karaikudi which is 13 km away or Madurai or Trichy around 70 and 100km respectively.Buses are frequently available.I found few hotels around but I'm not sure on how good they are.
Unlike other temples shopping options near the temple is not there except for one or two stalls that sell flowers and coconut.

Sri Shanmughanathar Temple, Kundrakudi

On my way from Pillayarpatti I stopped at sri Shanmughanathar temple at Kundrakudi which is just few km from Pillayarpatti.

This temple is on top of a small hill.There is a small shrine dedicated for Lord Ganesh at the foothill.There are flightsof stair one has to climb in order to get a glimpse of Lord Sanmugam or Murugan who happens to be Lord Ganesha's younger brother.Here is refered to as Sri Shanmughanathar as the idol is six faced.On my way to Lird Murugan I also happend to see two more lord Ganesha's temple.I don't knowas on the story behind them though.

The time I got there was just when the Srikovil opened up after the noon pooja. It was a beautiful feeling when themain door opens up with the sacred bell ringing paired with the aarathi (sacred flame) by the poojari.Lord murugan is seen with goddess Valli and Deivanai. Another special feature of the temple is that the navagraha face lord Muruga's statue.after Parikrama and enjoying cool breeze in the mid day with not much view to look around, I started my descend.But unlike Pillayarpatti, this temple had a fair share of shops selling colourful things.My next stop would be Pudukottai for lunch.

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