Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thirumayam fort, Pudukottai

Thirumayam that falls on the Pudukottai-Karaikudi highway is easily.As I was on my way home Trichy I thought of stopping by the fort.For me it was around 45 min drive.I stopped in Pudukottai for lunch and then headed to this fort.

Taken care by Archeological survey of India, there is entrance fee to the premises.Built by Vijaya Raghunatha Sethupathi in 1867 was handed over to Raghunatha Raya Thondaiman. Recently renevoated it hasn't fallen victim of vandalism yet.Originally with seven concentric walls now only three ramain. There are three entrances from north, south and east.

On top of the fortress there is a an elevated structure built of stones that holds a canon that is believed to be of  British Origin

Adjacent to the bastion there a water source that is caged and protected.

There is nothing much to do on top of the fortress and since the the fort doesn't enjoy a great elevation, you can see the highway and dry thorned plants around the fort.As you get out of the fort to the left of he main fort there is a cave temple of Lord Shiva.Climbing up the iron steps was fun .There is one more rock cut structure just opposite to this temple. 

How to reach
Thirumayam is about 20km from Pudukottai and is well connected by road as it is on NH 210 which Trichy-Rameshwaram highway.

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