Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lonavala @Monsoon sneak peak

Monsoon is the best to travel through the western ghat that gets the best ...
Being in Pune a trip to Lonavala was only natural.Expressways has good view point and the roads are quite good even for a monsoon ridden days..
The journey started early by 6:00 so that there would be ample time to enjoy..Beautiful landscape,
Trees and plants swaying to the spirit of monsoon fed breeze.Fogy roads it was just awesome..

The curves of the road made for an adventurous drive with rains touching us deeply

We stopped at Panvel for breakfast and soon after paav- bhaji and a cup of coffee set out on our way to Lonawala. My bestie is THE COMPANY for any trip with her anywhere becomes a time to remember.With some classic music the journey was quite comfortable chatting away.Since two of us didn't have much idea about the places so nothing was planned and our trip being time bound we couldn't explore much but started off with Kune falls Khandala valley.

Situated in the twin hills of Lonawala Kandhala valley I would its a must visit place.The monsoon had added a charm to the place .The place was calming and very soothing for a busy mind.This definitely brought in a holiday spirit in us.The Sahyadiri mountains stands tall graceful beholding all this beauty elegantly.There were many tourists from many part of the country enjoying with family and friends. I could people of all ages here.There were also couple enjoying their romantic getaway.Tourist have to walk their way from the Kune church .There were camping facilities but prior reservation is necessary.Our next stop was Tungarli lake which was about half an hour from Kune falls.Though we could have reached by 15 mins  we took it slow and steady enjoying the beauty around. The greenery all around. an extra shade of green along the slope and and small water falls just walk away from the road.If you love exploring you will every bit of your Eureka moments.

We opted for the lake for a crowd free zone..Do not go for the place if you don't like a time just for yourself with abundant beauty  bestowed by the nature around you.Our next point was Bhushi Dam that was very crowded.Our last destination was Tiger point that is 4km from Bushi dam and I just wanted to stay there forever.It is a place where one can enjoy THE BEAUTIFUL view of the hill.There were flowers meadow topped valley clouds moving gliding lethargically and fog topping the road.We just drank the beauty heartily and I could see everyone smiling around irrespective of their ages and that's the difference a place can have upon you.

Monsoon had brought in puddles of water all around with the greenery and the curves all made the whole place so romantic.No wonder the place is the best for a romantic getaway.

Overall this was one of the best monsoon drive I have ever set onto.This is a must visit place for anyone looking for a getaway from the huzzle buzzle. Try to reach the Tiger point bit early to avoid crowd..

Be prepared for heavy rain if you are planning for a monsoon trip.Get yourself comfortable footwear that you can walk on a slippery surface.Carry a good protection for mobile and camera from the rain.Be careful of what you are eating from small shops. Bhuttas(corn) are a must try in the monsoon, you are not going to enjoy anywhere than here.The climate can be cold to wet so be prepared for them.The drive might be adventurous with the  curves and slope hence drive carefully.There is nothing much to do on the hill after 6pm unless you are camping hence adjust your time.If possible try to include Karla caves as they are a must visit place , so don't miss like I did.Carry snack and water as you are bound to go hungry very fast..Try not to throw plastic bags and spoil the beauty of the place, try your best to preserve the existing beauty the way you can..


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