Friday, July 11, 2014

Kashmir diary-Ruins of Avantipur, Avantiswamin temple

On our way to Pahalgam we gave this place a miss , as we weren't sure about the time needed to go around Pahalgam. Luckily as we kept the time frame we got down at the ruins of avantiswami temple.
.It took us around one hour and hour hour from Pahalgam.

Avantiswamin temple was built by one of the greatest King Avantiverman one of the greatest ruler of Utpal dynasty.It was during his reign that the state went on the path of prosperity in every walks of life.He built two temples one dedicated to Shiva and the other to Lord Shiva in his capital city of Avantipur.Though Shiva temple has been restored, this Vishnu temple is  in ruins.This temple was built in 9th century. Now in ruins
this temple gets us a glimpse of ancient past.

There is a skillfull pathway that leads to the ruins of the temple and a flight of few steps that will take you to the beautiful looking ruins if you can call a ruin beautiful.

One has to descend to get to the this place then climb through steps to the place where once it were sanctum sanctorum.

I was told that the whole place was restored in the 90's by a team of archaeologists lead by Dr.Sahini.
I could see few elevated space in the corners of the temple,perhaps for smaller shrines or it could have been other space of worship or just space for meditation.

Many of the sculptures were very difficult to even recognise.I bought myself a brochure on the ryins of Avantipur just to enlighten myself about the history after I'm done with it, I would update the post.

I found two interesting things in the ruins. These remains remained me of temple in Kerala.In temples of Kerala one can come across such things called "Beli kallu"that are considered to be sacred, even during Pradakshina or parikrama even as kids I was told not to step on them.

I was also told that few idols that were excavated by British in 18th century is kept in Shri Pratap Singh Museum at Srinagar.The pillars are all restored to the best way possible to recreate the old magic

I let my creativity take wings to imagine about the roof and monumental tower of the temple with its sculptural decoration of the early days.

And that's what I wore for the day, you can check it out here.

Entry fee
Rs 5 for Indians and citizens of SAARC
9:30 to 5:30pm

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