Monday, July 7, 2014

Mughal garden - Nishant bagh

Bright brilliant flowerbeds bordering and drawing patterns, beautiful fountain and water channels are the main highlights that forms one's imagination at the mention of Mughal garden, for anyone who has had their schooling in India.Mughal gardens in Srinagar is the epitome blend of beauty and design.
Though its been a year everything is vividly solid in my heart .There are three main Mughal garden Nishant ,Shalimar and Cheshm-e- Shahi . I started off with Nishant bagh.

Few points on Nishant Bagh

Located on the banks of Dal lake and foothill of Zabarwan mountain range,the garden was laid by Asif Khan father of empress Noorjahan in 1633 AD.Originally the garden had 12 terraces that rises from Dal lake rising above one upon another terrace stretching  as the symbol of 12 zodiac signs. But , in order to built road the lower terrace were destroyed and  today only nine terrace exists.

terraced garden
It was around sunset that I laid my foot to the garden.In order to get the first glimpse of the garden one has to climb the stairs and wow what a sight it just swept me by my feet with its beauty .and to add to it cloud kissed the mountain on one side and the sky blue Dal lake's splendid view onto the other. I couldn't help but stand and drink in the beauty of my surrounding walking through the garden I could see beautiful flowers , beautiful could be an understatement of course.
There were Kashmiri attire available for rent that could be borrowed . Visitors were all eager to click themselves posing to be Kashmiris..I did try myself to become a Kashmiri if only for few minutes and take in all the memories back home.The best part was the sunset by Dal lake I 
 stood there or a long time in silence and I couldn't help but a smile escaped me and that is the kind of effect these garden have upon you..My imagination took me back in time,as in  how in those gone by era s these royal  might have walked upon this very soil magnanimously . Had only they knew that centuries later there would be hundreds of mortals like us flocking in just to get the glimpse of these garden breath in the wonderful air feeling the very beauty they had created eons ago.. . Except for few renovation much of the garden is said to be same just like in the Mughal era.I would be adding more pictures of the beautiful flowers at the end of my Mughal garden post.

the sunset by Dal lake
And that's what I wore for the day, you can check it out here.

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