Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mughal garden-Shalimar bagh

Shalimar the largest of all the Mughal gardens of Srinagar was built by Mughal emperor Jehangir for his wife Nurjahan in 1619.Just like chashm-e-shahi Shalimar bagh is also three terraced , there is a central called as Shah Nahar that runs down through three terrace.

 I could find  tourist flocking just like that of Chasm -e-shahi trying to lay their hands on water..There were more trees in Shalimar compared to any other Mughal garden.

Shalimar too had its share of tourist clicking pic in Kashmiri attire.This garden is a great place to walk around sit in bench that are built in tree shade and chat away ..These could be the moments when timejust slows down to the tune of Kashmiri breeze.

It was around 9:30 am and I could get to see birds in full action, after all not everyday one gets to see all this,So I savored all that as much as I could.

Flowers were amazing especially the roses , I couldn't make out if it were bush or mini tree..No matter what my rose  back home have never shown this much excitement growing up they all seem very retarded unlike these that were more than 5 feet.

Among all wonderful flowers somehow these were my favourite the vivacious colour just brightened my day.
My next destination was Pari Mahal

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  1. Shalimar bhag is one of the oldest garden of Mughals . This garden is full of beautiful flowers . Kashmir Tour Packages


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