Sunday, July 13, 2014

Danish fort-Tranquebar/Tharangambadi ,Nagapattinam

Fort Dansborg is a Danish fort at Tharangambadi.Bay of Bengal is at a walkable distance and one can enjoy a walk on the relatively cleaner beach.The fort was built by Tanjavur King in association with Danish administration in early 17th century.Presently there is a museum at the center of the building which is the main attraction with loads of artifacts, coins,Danish manuscripts, canon balls and whale skeleton.
This whole complex consists of two floors upper for governor and priest and lower being for soldiers and animals , there were warehouse, kitchen, church, and jail all in the same wall.. History and archaeology enthusiasts would love the place as not much damage has occurred to the complex.

front view


The complex looks like a small town self sufficient supporting itself.With the sea just meters away one and here the crashing waves.

visitors can climb upon the complex and have a look around

To look down to the lower floor



Horse stable

The man behind TELC

Old entrance to the Danish area

There is a renovated Sr Masilamaneeswar temple on the beaches that has become quite colourful after renovation.I would have preferred it with the old charm.there is a danish cemetary nearby but as I was running short of time I couldn't visit.

How to reach
Do carry water
It is around 115 km from Pondicherry by road
The nearest railway station is Mayiladuthurai which is 40km.
The museum is open on all days except Friday and State government holiday
Timing-10:00 am to 5:30 pm

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