Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pookode lake - Wyanad,Kerala

Pookode lake is perenial fresh water lake among hidden away among the lush green forest.It has boating climate being just wonderful that was the plan for the day. The guy who took through the lake was the best thing that happend to us.Firstly he loved his place Wayand and that transcended in every word he uttered and he loved his job and the tourists whom he took around.He told us that the lake is 8.5 hectare with more than 6m depth and aerial view revealed that the lake shape was that of  India map. River Kabani from panamaram rivulet originates from this lake. 

He even taught us name of many herbs that thrived on the lake.Best part was he never rushed us through he happily explained stopping the boat and rowed effortlessly though there were 8 people including him.Though it was hard to remember the herbs and its benefits we could definitely spot blue water lily all around.

Later just walked through the stone pavement built around the lake enjoying the perfect day.

There is a childrens park too
Its a plastic free zone hence carrying plastic cover inside.There are handicraft, spices and tea sold at the entrance of the lake.
the lake

Lakkidi, Wayanad , Kerala - View to Paradise

Lakkidi is the gateway to Wayand another beauty @ gods own country..I  had heard a lot about this beautiful but honestly I was not prepared for this though..

It was the site of paradise of earth ..just as it dawned on the horizon with chilly breeze caressing through at 700m above sea with slight drizzle all onlookers lost track of time and people around it was just the beauty of mother earth and its heights and I felt blessed for a life god has showered upon me..

This view you can enjoy if you taken up NH 212 from Kozhikode Thamarassery ghat road..One may prefer private vehicle through the twist and turn of the hairpin bend but for me nothing could offer that experience a KSRTC (Kerala state road transport corporation) can offer.I love the way they traverse through the 9 hairpins spanning around 14 km..If you think this is the best view then wait till its dark it looks as if earth is reflecting the starry sky.
As the horizon brightens one can get a better view of the hair pin bend..


bit moreeee!!!

King of ghat section KSRTC bus

For a traveler this is the best welcome gift a place can offer..I could hardly wait for the rest of the places to unveil

Monday, December 1, 2014

Athirapalli, Vazhachal-monsoon diaries Thrissur, Kerala

Born mallu I have always lived my life outside Kerala. For me Kerala means vacation, fun time with my cousins and loads of pampering. Tamilnadu has always been close to my heart with my schooling and college life back there.The whole vantage of Kerala changed ever since I started my doctoral research in Kerala. It is then I started to experience a whole set of wonderful experience of gods own country. The best part being monsoon..Monsoon just crashes into my life like love flooding in with heavenly like feeling.Its as though the whole earth blooms with life ..Lush green life all around..Fresh moss upon wall,algal life, even cacophony of frog feels all beautiful.Except for the drenching in rain in the morning on my way to work and the dampness of the clothes I love every single thing that monsoon gifts..

For the love of monsoon and some monsoon travel fun Athirapalli was the chosen destination..Hill station seemed to be too calmer for the taste  and waterfall falls somehow seemed more exciting..

Athirapalli is 63 km from Thrissur situated on the edge of Sholayar forest, monsoon is best time to explore 80 feet waterfall that merges to chalakudy river. Though many would say october as an ideal time, nothing would make up for thye monsoon experience..

The first distance glimpse of the falls with forest as the backdrop the place is amazing

The day was quite rain free surprisingly..
And the falls

The walk around the falls..

The view

Look what my bestie leslie clicked on our way

Everywhere you can find beautiful mini falls on your way.

Told you that monsoon is a beautiful time for a ride

And slowly the sky darkened..

 It rained, it rained yeah, yeah...

After some traditional cuisine that was finger licking fantabulous we started off to vazhachal falls

How to reach
63 km from Thrissur which has the nearest railway station.
Hire a vehicle and be your own boss..
Bike would be an exciting option but on monsoon car would be safer..
Don't forget to drink in the beauty and relish your monsoon time.

Kudakkallu parambu-Megalithic burial site Thrissur, Kerala

Being with your best friend is a special treat you can give yourself and travelling with one is a double treat.I am blessed with some of the best things in my life and friends find a special place among them.My best friend leslie is my best travel companion..Her bike unicorn which she calls(Kudira meaning horse) no place is too far for us. Recently we had been to a marriage (actually she did a job of a driver of taking me there)..The marriage was at Chalakudy, Thrissur district in Kerala and she was thoroughly bored with all the waiting for me..On our way back we stopped for a while for some refreshment (though we were full with wedding feast) and started browsing through for places around.Suddenly Kudakkallu parambu a megalithic burial place caught our attention and interest , sooner maps were downloaded distance calculated and feast slumber was no longer pressing upon us. Cherumanangad is 55 km from Chalakudy. The clime was just great as it had been raining for a week now , thanks to the depression in the Arabian sea.We were too happy chatting way with the travel bug fluttering high, but that was when the most unfortunate thing happened to us, both our mob ran out of battery  as the night before we were too immersed in our girly talks  to charge our mobile.So from modernity we took a step back and became old types of travelers asking for direction.We were on a lucky day mode as most people didn't know about the burial place but thankfully knew the place at the least and  well few helped us with the wrong direction .After many twists and turn it seemed like we reached the place when it hit us that we had got 20 km ahead of a junction we were supposed to take right . Praying that this might be the last wrong turn we set off and we landed at the site around 4:30 pm.

Set away from the huzzle and buzzle of the state highway, Kudakkallu parambu is a megalithic burial site spread around two acres in a quieter area of Cherumanangad. You can find this site amidst dwelling around the fence of this protected monument of archaeological survey of India.It is believed that these might be 4000 years old tombs. These mushroom like arrangements are made as a memorial stone upon the dead of very important stature  perhaps of aristocratic lineage.

Megalithic refers to structures made of large stone that is used to construct a structure of monument, while monolith refers to large structure made up of single large stone.There are neolithic and mesolithic archaeological sites that have been discovered in Kerala.

Apart from umbrella shaped tombs, these types were also found in the site

The recent rains has given rise to life all over the tombs that added beauty to the site. 

The whole area is declared as a protected monument

Well maintained lush green grass are well maintained so are the mud pathways to each tomb.

With cool breeze and an approaching dusk made the whole experience memorable .There is a care taker and a helper who take of the whole premise.
This is the layout of the burial ground

How to reach
20km from Thrissur , its is the nearest city

Entry is free .Its open from 9:30am to 5:30 but it could be extended bit more upon request.
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