Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mughal garden- Pari Mahal

 Chashmeshahi which was built for Dara Shikoh, studied astronomy and astrology in Pari Mahal which was built by him , it is believed to have been built upon the ruins of Budhist monastory in mid 1600's same time as that of other gardens.Unlike other garden that are built on the foothill of Zabarwan mountain range this is built upon the mountain overlooking the city of Srinagar with an amazing bird eye view of Dal lake.

The garden itself I found to be very small with very few flowers and plants compared to other garden.The the major attraction being the view of the city .It must have been a wonderful place for an observatory in those days.

There were army personnel positioned on all corners  of Pari Mahal.All this makes one to yearn for a day when just like any other place in the country Kashmir would also be free all this terrorist problems.

Typical of all of Mughal garden this is also terraced
garden and one can enjoy the view from any part of the garden and listen closely to the howling breeze from this height.The construction itself is that of closed walls that I couldn't feel a freedom that I enjoyed in other garden, but the view was beautiful. All the shikara(boat) on Dal lake look very small gliding upon water

I could see the Char chinar on Dal lake from Pari Mahal.

Tourist trying all possible view.

And the view I enjoyed

And that's what I wore for the day, you can check it out here.

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