Monday, July 7, 2014

Mughal garden:Chashm-e-shahi

My next stop was Chash-e-shahi or the royal spring.When you are in Kashmir along with the beauty one has to get used to the tight security as well.This garden is near to Raj Bhavan and there is tight security checking for all tourist vehicles, we had to get down and instructed to walk and soon our driver joined us after the car's routine check.This is the smallest of all three Mughal garden  viz Nishant, shalimar. All three garden has Zabarwan mountain on its backdrop and Dal lake though Nishant enjoys the nearest view to the lake.The interesting part of this garden is its natural spring that is said to be discovered by a lady saint Rupa Bhawani. People believe that this spring has the ability to cure people from ailment, our guide told us that Noorjahan was incidentendly cured some kind of disease too.  I found tourists flocking the spring with bottle to collect water.This garden has only three terrace unlike the elaborate arrangements of other garden.

the view
sit back and breath slow
 Like I said before the main attraction of the garden is the fresh water spring whose water flows down to three terrace.A hut like construction stands at the first terrace which is the origin of the spring.The second terrace has something like a tank were the water forms into fountain.This was the best part of the garden  were I tourist could sit on the bench and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden with its water channel that divided the garden, this somehow remained me about the water channel of the Taj Mahal, Agra.

This garden was also built around the same time as that of Nishant garden in 1632 by Mughal governor Ali Mardan and is said to have been built for Shah Jahan's eldest son Dara Sikoh who learnt astrology in Pari Mahal (that was my last stop), that is near by, now how cool is that. Well, when you are a born royal you are entitled to enjoy  the perks like you have your own gardens with natural spring, palaces forts and what not  and the people born centuries later can all look at it wonder struck.Though there were wonderful flowers that were well maintained ,somehow it was other things that caught my fancy like the spring, the huts, fountains, benches and water channel. I could also see Kashmiri ladies carries grass perhaps for feeding their animals.

I came across a fallen tree that really made me sad fallen tree is like a lost life that is not that great to look at at then I looked at the flowers just to lift my spirit.

tuzzi lamb roast
There were numerous shops outside the garden selling assorted things but for me the best part was tuzzi roasted lamb chops it was yummy and very tasty.
And that's what I wore for the day, you can check it out here.

 Opening time is 9.00 am and closing 6:30 pm on all days except Friday.

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