Saturday, September 6, 2014

St.Mary's Island and Malpe beach : a weekend outing

There are times when I'm caught up in the hectic web of my research that I need a break to shake myself so that I can get back with more energy.This Sunday was one such weekend that I didn't have much time to go for a long travel still I couldn't ignore the travel bug inside me, that is when I decided to let the traveler in me free. Malpe beach is 141 km from were I live and  that is the map I followed.

I started my day 7:30am from Kasargod junction in train number 12685 that reached Mangalore central at 9:00 am after a quick breakfast from TajMahal restaurant near the station I set off to Nehru bus stand for a Volvo to Manipal.I have always been in love with the bus travel in them I love the calm and soothing way the bus glides through NH 17.I reached Udupi something close to an hour .Not succumbing to the temptation to visit Sri Krishna temple, Uduppi, I  searched for a bus to Malpe beach.People there were quite friendly and directed me to the place were bus to Malpe beach halted. Malpe beach is around 10 km from the bus stand that takes roughly 15 mins.Now there are two options to get to St.Mary's island first stop that would take you to the place were you can get a ferry and the second place that would take you to the main beach were you can enjoy some time in the beach with some water sports for the adventurous soul. and there are ferrys available from the beach though that I understood later is at a higher cost.I opted for the second stop to my surprise turned out to be a better choice as the beach was just great.

Coast is cleaner and well maintained with many options for water
sports.I just loved to walk bare feet to feel the soft and whiter sand spread through the length of the beach.The beach is less commercialised hence not my options for food outlets are available still like any other south Indian beach spicy sea foods are available for hard core foodie.

I got in my ferry and set off to my journey to St.Marys island , it would close to 15 minutes to reach there.Have a clear look at your ferry and get your pick up time correctly so that you get back without any hazzels. That was the first view of St.Marys island from the boat..

Frankly I didn't know about this island until I read a report about a fisherman whom swam from this island to Malpe beach with his hands and legs tied..Some more research about the island enlightened me about its special rocklike columns made of basalt lava as a result of volcanic eruption some centuries ago when Madagascar was still part of India..Thus making this place even more interesting..

The place is plastic free zone , even if you don't see any sign kindly do not litter around the place and spoil the beauty..I read that the island has fallen pray to human abuse, but from I could see authorities have taken necessary actions and taken good care of it..The day was a bright sunny day so I had a great time enjoying my time in the island..The shore was filled with shell remnants something that I have not seen in other beaches..

The beach is shallow and water very clear that you can see the bed clearly..

This part of the island is not that swimmer friendly because of its rock formation still you can enjoy the feel of gentle waves crashing onto your feet I would call that bliss...

The tourism authorities have made hut like structures for the people to rest and hang around 

But somehow I still preferred to sit very close to the waves and enjoy my moment.

Around 2 I got into my ferry back to Malpe beach by then it was buzzing with people and energy..

After that all happend in a rush from beach to Uduppi and then to Mangalore in volvo then straight to railway station for train number 16603 Maveli express at 17:45.. I reached Kasargod around 18:24 and happily got home recalling my great day striking of yet another place in my travel list..

Carry enough water to get you through the day..Kindly avoid plastic covers .Its everyone's duty to take care of the place for our sake.
Also carry something to eat as not much options are available at the island..
Go in a gang to enjoy the water sports and its absolutely save for  girls who would like to explore all by themselves.

How to reach:
Malpe beach is 141km from Kasargod, 59.5 km from Mangalore.
I travelled by train to till Mangalore, there are trains till Uduppi for people interested just check the time for your convenience.

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