Saturday, July 12, 2014

Narthamalai -Jain cave

My final destination for the day was Narthamalai. Narthamalai hills like Sittanavasal use to be home for jain hermits.These natural rock shelter at Alurutimalai has loads of similarities just like eladipattam interms of rock rocks.More of these are found in Kudagumalai s away that might be hidden but just walk towards left follow the foot way and you'll find them ask the locals for direction just to save time.

Narthamalai cave unlike Sittanavasal is not yet open to public all you can see this cave that is well locked and protected. Narthamalai was under Pallava empire

The Vijayalaya Chozhisvaram temple stand all alone in all its wonder.The restoration work was on It is a shiva temple with a nandi  facing the temple.


And all this brought an end to a beautiful day.
I wouldn't recommend anyone to go single do take your friends as the place itself is quiet lonely.And who doesn't like a company to sit in the shade and enjoy the view.There is a goddess temple which is quiet famous.

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