Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pookode lake - Wyanad,Kerala

Pookode lake is perenial fresh water lake among hidden away among the lush green forest.It has boating climate being just wonderful that was the plan for the day. The guy who took through the lake was the best thing that happend to us.Firstly he loved his place Wayand and that transcended in every word he uttered and he loved his job and the tourists whom he took around.He told us that the lake is 8.5 hectare with more than 6m depth and aerial view revealed that the lake shape was that of  India map. River Kabani from panamaram rivulet originates from this lake. 

He even taught us name of many herbs that thrived on the lake.Best part was he never rushed us through he happily explained stopping the boat and rowed effortlessly though there were 8 people including him.Though it was hard to remember the herbs and its benefits we could definitely spot blue water lily all around.

Later just walked through the stone pavement built around the lake enjoying the perfect day.

There is a childrens park too
Its a plastic free zone hence carrying plastic cover inside.There are handicraft, spices and tea sold at the entrance of the lake.
the lake

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