Monday, December 1, 2014

Athirapalli, Vazhachal-monsoon diaries Thrissur, Kerala

Born mallu I have always lived my life outside Kerala. For me Kerala means vacation, fun time with my cousins and loads of pampering. Tamilnadu has always been close to my heart with my schooling and college life back there.The whole vantage of Kerala changed ever since I started my doctoral research in Kerala. It is then I started to experience a whole set of wonderful experience of gods own country. The best part being monsoon..Monsoon just crashes into my life like love flooding in with heavenly like feeling.Its as though the whole earth blooms with life ..Lush green life all around..Fresh moss upon wall,algal life, even cacophony of frog feels all beautiful.Except for the drenching in rain in the morning on my way to work and the dampness of the clothes I love every single thing that monsoon gifts..

For the love of monsoon and some monsoon travel fun Athirapalli was the chosen destination..Hill station seemed to be too calmer for the taste  and waterfall falls somehow seemed more exciting..

Athirapalli is 63 km from Thrissur situated on the edge of Sholayar forest, monsoon is best time to explore 80 feet waterfall that merges to chalakudy river. Though many would say october as an ideal time, nothing would make up for thye monsoon experience..

The first distance glimpse of the falls with forest as the backdrop the place is amazing

The day was quite rain free surprisingly..
And the falls

The walk around the falls..

The view

Look what my bestie leslie clicked on our way

Everywhere you can find beautiful mini falls on your way.

Told you that monsoon is a beautiful time for a ride

And slowly the sky darkened..

 It rained, it rained yeah, yeah...

After some traditional cuisine that was finger licking fantabulous we started off to vazhachal falls

How to reach
63 km from Thrissur which has the nearest railway station.
Hire a vehicle and be your own boss..
Bike would be an exciting option but on monsoon car would be safer..
Don't forget to drink in the beauty and relish your monsoon time.

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