Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lakkidi, Wayanad , Kerala - View to Paradise

Lakkidi is the gateway to Wayand another beauty @ gods own country..I  had heard a lot about this beautiful but honestly I was not prepared for this though..

It was the site of paradise of earth ..just as it dawned on the horizon with chilly breeze caressing through at 700m above sea with slight drizzle all onlookers lost track of time and people around it was just the beauty of mother earth and its heights and I felt blessed for a life god has showered upon me..

This view you can enjoy if you taken up NH 212 from Kozhikode Thamarassery ghat road..One may prefer private vehicle through the twist and turn of the hairpin bend but for me nothing could offer that experience a KSRTC (Kerala state road transport corporation) can offer.I love the way they traverse through the 9 hairpins spanning around 14 km..If you think this is the best view then wait till its dark it looks as if earth is reflecting the starry sky.
As the horizon brightens one can get a better view of the hair pin bend..


bit moreeee!!!

King of ghat section KSRTC bus

For a traveler this is the best welcome gift a place can offer..I could hardly wait for the rest of the places to unveil

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