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Trip to Muddabidri,Karkala,Kudremukh, Kalasa

At the break of dawn first view was flock of birds exploring yet another day and here I along with seven friends are on  an explored trip to kudremukh via Muddabidri, Karkala then to Kalasa...That was the rough plan none had the experience so with bit of browsing and enquiry with local people we started off in Tavera on our day off...We raced on at 6:00 am sharp from Kasargod on NH 13 it was about 50 minutes drive to Mangalore mahaveer circle 54 Km from where I stay.The drive was steady and smooth. We were advised to have our breakfast at Muddabidri or Karkala as beyond that one may not find good eat outs. Muddabidri is 30km from Mangalore we stopped for breakfast at Padival’s restaurant. Food was good, we reached there at 7:30. After breakfast  our first destination was thousand pillar temple which is some 500m from the restaurant anyone in the restaurant will guide you.

Savirakambada Basadi (Thousand Pillars Temple) built in AD 1462 is the largest and the most adorned of the Jain temples of this region. Moodbidri is described as the 'Jaina Kashi'. It idolizes a panchaloha idol of Lord Chandraprabha, the eighth Thirthankara. The entrance to the temple is massive, giving one an idea of the awe inspiring structures inside. There were barely any people inside. Just a jain family of four. But pillars ,mmmmm there were many and that was something to watch on.
One thousand of them on a split second thought to venture upon the authenticity crossed our but settled down in trusting what was notified. There was a board restricting the entry who were not Jain inside sanctum sanctorum and we had to satisfy ourselves by admiring the beauty of what we could see from where we stood and pay our respects from a distance..Though we could clearly see the idol from we stood so that not a disappointment at all.

 Then we did a pradekshina of the temple appreciating the hardship put on to get with these many (1000) pillars for this beautiful temple.Some browsing had told me that no two pillars looked  alike. Wowie...Photography is prohibited though paying 100 rupees will get you the permission or sneaking in without knowledge and clicking through. Now don’t ask what we opted for...

Now we were ready to face the Gomateshwara in Karkala which was a mere 16kms away. No much traffic for company it was a decent route as well.. Surprisingly did not encounter much of cattle and human traffic either and got into trouble when we lost our way..then knocked a strangers home and asked for helped. The residents are kind. 

The 42feet high monolith is situated on the top of a hill. According to Jain Scriptures, Bahubali (also known as Gommateshvara) was the second of the one hundred sons of the first Tirthankara, Lord Rishabha and king of Podanur. He is quoted as an ideal example of a man who conquered jealousy, ego and get on  with path of budhism.  We climbed up around 200  steps, admired the Gomateshwara and came down appreciating the views, all in 20 minutes flat.

 Thanks to the scorching sun. Do carry your bottle of water, umbrella or else you may not be able to appreciate anything.

We packed our lunch from Hotel Sagar, food was good, I recommend it for all the people and also carry snacks water for the trip ahead.Kudremukh is around 70 Km from karkala and offers a great treat to eyes. It has super sceneic beauty to offer to you and the temperature is pleasant even at the peak of summer. The breeze was cool once you enter the Western ghat. Get your pass from the check post as you enter through the national park gateway and pay attention to the time written thats the time you have to pass the kudremukh check post at the other end or fine would be levied on per head basis. This is because it’s a naxalite inhabited area . We reached the checkpost at10:20 and had to exit the park by 1 :30pm. Unfortunately we couldn’t get permission to Gangamoola and viraha thirtha. All through the places there are road signs to guide you and you won’t be lost anywhere except in thought to find yourself one with nature.
Our next destination was Hanumangundi water falls that we got in around 11:40.We stopped in between for few snaps and watch the cloud just above our head. This falls is on the lap of western ghat.Never ever skip a visit to here or you will regret it badly. The waterfalls, slashes down from a height of more than 100 feet falling onto natural rocks majestically, are exciting scenery. The forest department has constructed some nice and safe steps to get down into the falls for nominal Rs 20/- per head. A calm and isolated destination, here one can enjoy the beauty of silence and marvel of the waterfalls. Just watch your steps you might find it slippery. After enjoying our day out thoroughly we started for Kudremukh.
Just before Kudremukh is lakya dam, a water reservoir. We didn’t waste our time there. Kudremukh got its name from a mountain that looked like a horse’s face.After our time there having loads of fun and laughter we headed towards Kalasa  30Km from Kudremukh.
We visited Kalasheshwar temple and paying our respect and getting some prasadam we were on our way back. On our way we had an open air lunch on the cemented curve of the highway sneaking in with some banana leav vich one of roadside terrain offered we enjoyed the lunch from the Hotel sagar. Spent some time in the riverlet that we didn’t know and we were on our way back content. But the journey was not yet done.
On our way back we came a tea garden at Samse just for a Moonar we stopped by clicked away enjoying the tea collectors click clak collection of the bud. After some tea and loafing about when we calling it a day it started drizzling around 5:00 and the journey got more exciting watching the rain and mother blossoming in her serene charm all were wonderstruct totally in silence.Few of the rain drops still clung in on to the windshield just like the wonderful memories clung on to our heart beautifully. Rocking music made the journey back equally memorable. By 7:00pm  we were home excitedly talking about the journey and trip and browsing through the pictures.

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