Friday, February 3, 2012

Girlyy party-DAY 3

DAY 3 Calangute- Baga- Fort Agauda-Vagator -Chapora –Anjuna-

It was our final day and we were looking ahead eagerly…
Baga beach is about 3km from Calangute..From the map we could say Baga beach is an extension of Calangute, you can't find out where Calangute ends and Baga begins. Baga beach’s development is tremendous from my last visit with parents..Like Calangute beach baga is also known for its water sports and cheap body massages.. There were many handicraft shops and mouth watery restaurants.. During the peak season time theres a flea market on all Saturdays that’s kicks off around 4pm that would last late nights…Music is also part of the market that one can relish on.. What fun in Goa without getting in water. We wasted no time just enjoyed to the max getting all into water playing around super excited like kids. We just couldn’t stop the fun was just unlimited..Then suddenly there popped a question about swimming and none except les knew the art and still that didn’t stop us from having any less fun…
It was raining  and we started off  in the rain itself didn’t stop for shelter and by the time we reached fort Agauda which about 5km from Baga beach, it stopped raining..…Fort Agauda  impressed me for the sheer fact that it’s been standing  intact for more than 3 centuries no wonder it’s been known as one of the best known landmark in Goan history. Unlike other forts there are no ditches around the fort with water rather it utilizes the natural slope to defend itself..Awesome isn’t.. The fort was built as per the design laid down by the Italian military architects employed by the Portuguese government in Lisbon… It was built  in such a way that  it acted as a good defense as in land wise and seaside against Dutch and Maratha invasions and control entry to Mandovi river. It comprises of a lower fort with bastions all around and an upper fort with a lighthouse, an underground water storage chamber, bastions, and gunpowder room. The upper fort used to serve as a Watering Station to ships (Água means water in Portuguese, and hence the name Aguada—a place for storing water). The lower fort provided a safe resting place for Portuguese ships. Part of the lower fort now houses the Central Jail of Goa, inaccessible to the visitors… The fort is in  form of a square with bastions for artillery placed at each of its three corners, while the fourth corner is occupied by a main gate. It’s said that at one time, 200 cannons were a part of this fort, oooh that’s huge isn’t!!!! The fort houses a lighthouse which was built in 1864
This light house was functional till 1976…The one which is open to visitors is located nearby the walls of the citadel..It’s a scenic view from top of it..Climbing up in itself was a kick up..We were told that a smaller lighthouse, the Aguada Beacon was also built at the foot of the slopes near the buildings on the river bank in 1890…Another interesting thing we came across was the  small chapel dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Good Voyage’, may be because of the ships were subjected to long journey.. A jetty extends out towards the sea on the northern side where the Taj Vivanta is located within the outer walls of the fort .
We had a pleasant experience wandering through the drizzling rain and occasional photo posing kept all of us active and brim with creativity..Our next destination was Vagator beach.
9km from Agauda fort….We were all high because of chapora fort of Dil Chahta hein fame near the beach..The beach is supposed to be white sandy , but appeared to be grayish blackish .. Best part is it’s a relaxed beach with not many tourists…. After few clicks and running along the shore we set for Chapora fort..
Chapora fort is easily accessible from Vagator beach, which  is  in ruins.. It’s all about Red laterite stones built by Portugese of course.. But for now all that’s left is the entrance the side walls in bits and pieces,  few stones here and there and heads of two tunnels..Still it offers a breathtaking view of Vagator beach lined with coconut grooves..All we did was sit there and enjoy the view for a long time until mishi’s mob rang ..It was from her tour office announcing the cancel of her scheduled bus and she had to hurry up for the bus 3 hours ahead of the plan... Oh ho..we smiled started taking photos of course…..

3 km from Vagator beach is known as hippies paradise…Its placed in between  the Arabian Sea and a small hillock.Its a rocky beach with low waves perfect to play in sea. We were running short of time and our tummies were all shouting to be cared for ..We dashed into a restaurant we ordered and around the shops for cheap accessories and fun bargaining…Finally came back to our seat and were all lost for words .The smiles were all transfixed on the face for a long time then started talking busily about the whole trip and the fun unlimited and ate hot steaming sea food for one last time ….The beach is also infamous for its full moon parties otherwise known as the trance parties.. The music played is usually very loud psychedelic trance, which is claimed to transport one to another world literally. These parties usually take place on full moon nights. We all dashed to our room and packed quick…Jish, Rosh and mish bid good bye. Les and I had some more time..All their bus was from Panjim and our train from Karmali..Rosh planned to Bangaluru with Jish then to Chennai…We took the same route back…
Goa in monsoon was a complete success filled with fun and laughter..Taking home great memory treasure in heart scrap book.. For now the gang split till next trip …

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